Announcing “Giddy Quest”!

Brendan Wanlass - September 11, 2023

Giddy Quest: Compete With Your Portfolio for Weekly Rewards

Greetings, crypto fans, degens and anons,

In our ongoing effort to revolutionize the landscape of crypto trading, we are thrilled to unveil our newest innovation, “Giddy Quest”.

This trading game will pit you against other traders each week in epic trading battles for glory and prizes. This feature sets Giddy apart as the most rewarding place to hold and trade your crypto. So let’s dig in and learn how you can win big with Giddy.
Giddy Quest

Put Your Skills to the Test: Introducing Giddy Quest

With Giddy Quest, your portfolio is more than a financial asset, it’s your path to victory. Every week a new quest will take place where you will compete for prizes by growing your portfolio and farming tokens in the Giddy app. As you adjust your holdings each week with strategic picks, you can edge out other players and earn sweet, sweet rewards. Do you have the alpha it takes to win?


Experience Points (XP): Rack em’ up

Success in Giddy Quest is marked by the acquisition of Experience Points (XP), which are earned through strategic portfolio growth and participation in the Giddy Farm staking pool. Every increase in portfolio balance and harvested crypto reward from GIDDY Farm translates to accrued XP, edging you closer to weekly victories.


Track Your Standings in Real Time

You’ll be able to track, in real time, your standing in the rankings. If you’re in the top 3 when the competition ends, you’ll win a nice reward of crypto tokens right to your Giddy wallet. Who says money doesn’t grow on trees?


Embarking on Your Journey: Character Creation

Your venture in Giddy Quest commences with the crafting of your unique identity. Choose a player name and avatar that shows off your degen spirit as you rise to the top of the leaderboards.


Joining the Leagues: A Competitive Arena for Every Trader

Giddy Quest is a home for whales and beginners alike. With our unique league system, every trader, regardless of their portfolio size, gets a chance to shine. Based on the assets held in your Giddy crypto wallet, including diversified portfolios across various blockchains such as Ethereum and Polygon, you will be categorized into one of four esteemed leagues:

Bronze – A nurturing ground for budding traders.
Silver – The realm where proficient traders demonstrate their expertise.
Gold – A territory where only the experts dare to venture.
Platinum – The pinnacle league, reserving seats for the masters of the trade.

Further segmentation within these leagues into groups of up to 50 players results in many winners each week.


Weekly Rewards: Recognizing Excellence in Trading

In Giddy Quest, excellence doesn’t go unrewarded. Every week, the top three performers in each group are acknowledged and rewarded for their skill and strategy. We’re looking to foster healthy competition and a continuous learning curve in the fast-paced world of cryptocurrencies.

How Do I Join?

Joining Giddy Quest is super easy. Simply log in and pick a player name and avatar. Then, stake $50 into the Giddy Farm. Not only will you start earning USDC rewards from the Farm, you’ll be immediately eligible to compete in weekly competitions.

The best part? You can unstake at any time. Your money is yours and there’s no weekly entry fee. Competing is as easy as having a balance in the Giddy app and, of course, making those sweet weekly trades to grow your portfolio and blow out the competition.


Giddy Up!

Your Quest begins now. The better you trade, the higher you’ll climb. Get into the Giddy app today to stake your claim and get rewarded.

The Giddy Team 🤎

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