6 New High-Yield DeFi Pools: Maximizing Your Earning Potential

Joey Segura - July 6, 2023

Six New Ways to Earn Have Arrived in the Giddy App

We are thrilled to announce the launch of not one or two, but six new high-yield DeFi pools that are set to turbo charge your earning potential in the Giddy app. With yields of up to 60% vAPY and automated market maker support from Gamma, these pools offer more options, more flexibility, and most importantly, more potential for significantly higher earnings than anything previously available in the app. In this blog post, we’ll explore each pool, and help you determine which staking strategies might be the best fit for your investment goals.


Pool #1: GIDDY-wBTC Earning Pool

One part cornerstone of the ever-expanding Giddy ecosystem, and one part digital gold. This pool combines the earning potential of Bitcoin with boosted earnings straight from the Giddy vault. This unique pair allows you to earn more Giddy tokens while still benefitting from the growth potential of Bitcoin. A great choice for anyone looking to strike a balance between new and promising altcoins, as well as the first and most popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. *This pool’s yield is supplemented by Giddy token streaming.


Pool #2: GIDDY-wETH Earning Pool

Arguably one of the most highly anticipated pools, the GIDDY-wETH pool combines brand new innovation with the tried-and-true token that made DeFi possible in the first place. By participating in this pool, you can earn boosted yields on both your wETH and Giddy tokens, maximizing your earning potential. If you’re a big Giddy fan, and still want to maintain exposure to the OG DeFi token that started it all, this pool just might be for you. *This pool’s yield is supplemented by Giddy token streaming.


Pool #3: USDC-wETH Earning Pool

Maintain a healthy hedge on your ETH investments while earning passive yields with the USDC-wETH pool. This pool offers a beautiful blend of fiat-backed stablecoins and the world-famous Ethereum token, providing stability and the opportunity for passive income on top of standard price action.


Pool #4: wMATIC-GNS Earning Pool

The wMATIC-GNS pool brings together two favorites: Giddy’s go-to network token, MATIC, and the powerhouse behind Gains Network, GNS. As the DeFi landscape continues to expand, the amount of attention on projects like Polygon (MATIC), and Gains Network (GNS) has grown rapidly.

It’s important to remember that any time you venture into alt-coin territory risk tends to increase, but for those willing to give it a shot, the rewards can be significant. Participate in this pool to gain exposure to both MATIC and GNS and seize the potential for some seriously impressive returns.


Pool #5: USDC-USDT Earning Pool

For those who prefer stability, the USDC-USDT pool offers an opportunity to earn yield from two of the most popular stablecoins on the market. Stablecoin pools can often feel like a cheat code for crypto, especially when red days hit and most cryptocurrencies are down. With the price of USDC and USDT both pegged to $1 USD, even when the market’s depressed, you can continue to watch your money grow uninterrupted.


Pool #6: USDC-QUICK Earning Pool

Need some big DEX energy in your life? The USDC-QUICK pool allows you to gain exposure to one of the fastest-growing platform tokens, supported by a mix of stable USDC holdings. Quick token is the native token of QuickSwap DEX, and has continued to see significant user adoption even during the recent decline in the market.

With these six new high-yield DeFi pools Giddy users have more potential to grow their crypto than ever before. Whether you prefer hoarding Giddy tokens, stacking stablecoins, or maintaining exposure to specific favorites like Ethereum and Bitcoin, Giddy has got you covered.

All of these new Giddy earning pools offer auto-compounding, state-of-the-art security, and active liquidity management support via Gamma Strategies, ensuring you have every possible tool at your disposal to make the most of your liquidity. Take advantage of these incredible earning pools and unlock the full potential of your investments.

Disclaimer: Investing in cryptocurrencies and participating in high-yield pools involves risks. It is important to do your own research, understand the risks involved, and consult with a financial advisor before making any investment decisions.

Start exploring the new earning pools today and watch your earnings grow!

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