You may have some questions about DeFi, or about Giddy. Well, you’ve come to the right place.

About Giddy

What is Giddy?

The Giddy native mobile application is a self-custody smart wallet that provides easy access to decentralized finance (DeFi) opportunities, so you can earn passive income on the blockchain.1 We all know banks aren't providing interest rates that are going to beat inflation, so Giddy is on a mission to provide financial freedom to more people through the power of DeFi!

How is Giddy different from other DeFi apps?

Giddy brings together several elements of decentralized finance into a single easy-to-use mobile application. We're unique in providing a self-custody smart wallet that has a recoverable private key, fiat onramp and offramp capabilities, and single-swipe staking into multiple DeFi protocols. Most of all, we're focused on making DeFi accessible to everyone, not just crypto enthusiasts. Some features are still in development. Sign up today on the App Store for iOS or on Google Play for Android.

Who can use Giddy?

Giddy’s mission is to make decentralized finance accessible to everyone. Unlike other crypto projects that require users to have extensive experience and knowledge of the blockchain, Giddy was built with the everyday user in mind. If you're able to meet the requirements to download the Giddy mobile app in the App Store and Google Play, you can create an account with Giddy. Some features of the Giddy app may be limited to specific regions. See our Terms of Service for more details.

What perks do early adopters get?

If you were among the first 20,000 eligible users who downloaded the app during our waitlist period, you'll receive a Giddy "Frontier Survival Co." NFT that may include perks for its holders. All new users also get their own unique referral code. From time to time Giddy may offer special rewards for users who successfully share eligible referrals.

How Giddy Works

Who owns the money in the Giddy app?

You do. The Giddy mobile application is is a self-custody smart wallet, meaning we do not store your private key, nor can we access it! Only you can access your private key with your multi-identity authentication, which means you own your funds. Your keys, your crypto.

Where do the high yields come from?

Giddy provides you with access to decentralized finance opportunities on blockchain networks. Organizations that operate on the blockchain may offer a variety of financial products, such as swapping, lending, and/or borrowing crypto in exchange for fees, interest, and/or yield. Before Giddy, these decentralized finance opportunities were only accessible by sophisticated crypto junkies, so we built Giddy to provide everyone with the same opportunity to earn passive income from the blockchain.

Passive income from decentralized finance activities such as staking and liquidity farming carries with it additional risks which could include permanent loss of funds. Consult a professional before investing money on the blockchain. Never invest more money than you can afford to lose.

How are my funds protected?

Because Giddy is self-custody, you are ultimately responsible for managing the safekeeping of your authentication credentials. Giddy's cutting-edge key management gives you the ability to secure your private key across multiple identity factors, and also gives you the unparalleled flexibility to recover a private key if a factor (such as your mobile device) is compromised or destroyed.

How do I withdraw funds from Giddy?

We partner with third parties to move money in and out of your bank account via ACH or credit card. Simply sell your crypto, tap withdraw, and wait for the ACH bank transfer to arrive! No holding periods or waiting times beyond what it takes to transfer directly to your bank. Fiat features are in development. Separately, you can transfer tokens from Giddy to other crypto wallets at any time.

Does Giddy cost anything to use?

Giddy doesn't require a subscription and is free to download. We generate revenue from transaction fees on the blockchain. See our fee schedule for more details.

Can I transfer my assets out of my Giddy account?

Yes! You own your private keys which means you own your crypto assets, and you can transfer them out whenever you choose. You have the freedom to export your private key from Giddy, and import it into any self-custodial crypto wallet of your choosing that's capable of accepting private key inputs.

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