You may have some questions about DeFi, or about Giddy. Well, you’ve come to the right place.

About Giddy

What is Giddy?

Giddy is an app that anyone can use to earn passive income on the blockchain! Giddy is focused on unlocking access to wealth via decentralized finance through cutting edge technology that we've built from scratch. We all know banks aren't providing interest rates that are going to beat inflation, so Giddy is on a mission to provide financial freedom to more people through the power of DeFi.

How is Giddy different from other DeFi apps?

Giddy puts security, compliance, and ease of use first. Unlike other crypto investing apps, Giddy is focused on growing and adapting with the ever-changing regulatory landscape to keep investors and their funds within the bounds of current financial regulation. We're using cutting edge decentralized technology to keep your private keys safe and recoverable in case of loss. And we're the only non-custodial crypto platform focused on making DeFi easy and accessible to not only crypto enthusiasists, but everyone.

Who can use Giddy?

Everybody in the United States above age 18 can use Giddy! Unlike other products in the space, Giddy does not require you to be rich to benefit from investing on the blockchain. Other companies are limiting their users to accredited investors only (making over $300k and net worth of $1m) to avoid regulatory complications of custodying money and acting as brokerages and investment advisors. Giddy is an internet utility for connecting users directly with opportunities on the blockchain. We're not a bank, custodian, or investment advisor so we can offer our services to anyone!

How do I join the waitlist?

Right here on our website! Join our mailing list, and once our mobile app is available for download, you can create your account and reserve your place in line.

What perks do early adopters get?

If you download the app during our waitlist period you'll have early access to your own unique referral code and successful referrals will be eligible for future rewards within the Giddy app. You'll also have a better chance of getting into the Giddy app early, which may earn you a Giddy Early Adopter NFT that includes perks such as lower fees, app themes, future NFT whitelist spots, and more.

How Giddy Works

Who owns the money in the Giddy app?

You do. Giddy is a non-custodial crypto wallet, meaning we do not ever store your private key, nor can we access it! Only you can access your private key with your multi-identity authentication, which means you own your funds and your financial destiny

Where do the high yields come from?

Giddy provides you direct access to investment opportunities on the blockchain. Companies that operate on the blockchain are part of what's known as Decentralized Finance. These companies offer many financial products such as lending and borrowing crypto in exchange for interest, or yield. Before Giddy these DeFi investments were only available to sophisticated crypto junkies, so we built Giddy to provide everyone with the same opportunity to earn from the blockchain.

How are my funds protected?

Giddy's cutting edge decentralized key management gives you the ability to secure your private key behind multi-identitiy authentication and also gives you the unparalleled flexibility to recover a private key if your device is lost or stolen. We partner with Web3Auth to provide private key protections and follow technology's highest standards of information security

How do I withdraw funds from Giddy?

We partner with Wyre to move money in and out of your bank account via ACH or credit card. Simply sell your crypto, tap withdraw, and wait for the ACH bank transfer to arrive! No holding periods or waiting times beyond what it takes to transfer directly to your bank

Does Giddy cost anything to use?

Giddy doesn't require a subscription and is free to download. We generate revenue from transaction fees for converting cash to or from crypto and for blockchain transaction costs.

Can I transfer my assets out of my Giddy account?

Yes! You own your private keys which means you own all of your crypto and NFTs and you can transfer out whenever you choose. You will have access to your private key and will have the freedom to export it away from Giddy and import it to any other crypto wallet you choose.

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