Fee Schedule

Fee Schedule

The Giddy® mobile app is free to download and has no subscription costs. We do charge you a service fee for certain transactions and pass along third-party costs and expenses incurred in execution of your trades. Here’s a quick summary.


Giddy Fee Amount


Peer-to-peer token transfers

Peer-to-peer token transfers



Swap router fees


0.10% (maximum of $25)


Giddy Gas Station (gas fee)


Network gas + $0.25 per transaction

Giddy Gas Station (using GIDDY token)



Staking pool deposit

0.10% (maximum of $25)


Staking pool withdraw



Commission on yield


9.0% of growth


Fiat on & off ramp

Varies depending on provider

Crypto trading (via the 1inch DEX)


Crypto trading (via 1inch)

with GIDDY token



All amounts and rates are subject to change without prior notice and are in addition to amounts charged by third parties, such as gas fees charged by the blockchain network or credit card fees charged by a financial institution.

Real-time breakdowns of the estimated fees to be charged will be provided within the app prior to any user approving a transaction, and these fees are subject to small price changes known as slippage due to volatility on the blockchain.

1. Blockchain network fees (gas fees) apply to all transactions except peer-to-peer crypto transfers.  In addition, your bank or financial service provider may impose process and other charges (e.g., wire transfer, overdraft, account minimum among others).

2. Giddy does not charge a fee for peer-to-peer token transfers and Giddy covers any gas charges in relation to peer-to-peer token transfers.

3. A swap router is our service that performs a real-time poll of decentralized exchanges to find a cost-effective liquidity source to execute your trade. Swap router fees may be charged in addition to staking fees depending on the assets being used as inputs and the destination assets used in the transaction.

4. We add a service charge in an amount equal to the lesser of (i) USD $25 and (ii) 0.10% of the USD value of tokens you post to swap for your preferred token. The stated maximum USD fee applies only to fees charged by Giddy. Swap fees charged by a decentralized exchange may cost more.

5. Giddy allows you to pay gas fees to execute transactions in any token you select from your wallet.

6. If you use the Giddy Token, network gas fees are paid for by Giddy with no charge to you.

7. The lesser of (i) USD $25 and (ii) 0.10% of the USD value of the staked token. The stated maximum USD fee applies only to fees charged by Giddy. Network fees may cost more.

8. FREE of Giddy charges. Gas, swap fees, network and other third-party fees will be passed on at cost.

9. Applies only to yield generated on staked funds, not to principal amount of staked funds.

10. Charge applies to each generated amount of token yield, not the gross amount staked. For example, if you earn 10% APY on $1,000 your growth is $100 and Giddy’s commission is $9.00.

11. To receive the discounted rate that is displayed, you need to use the Giddy token as payment for both network and decentralized exchange fees.