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Why Giddy?

Giddy is the easiest and most secure way to generate passive income from crypto you already own.

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Giddy is the easiest and safest way to earn passive income on crypto you already own. Let Giddy be your guide to investing on the blockchain.
With the Giddy app, grow your crypto
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You Are In Control

With Giddy you have complete control over your finances. We've partnered with the best in the business to allow you to buy and sell crypto at any time; with no lockup periods.
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With the Giddy app, you are in control
Safest in town

We've Got Your Back

Security comes first at Giddy. Secure your funds with multi-identity authentication, with the option to allow Giddy to help you recover your account if you lose access to some of your authentication factors.
With the Giddy app, we have your back

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