Account Deletion

Account Deletion

At Giddy® the mantra “your keys, your crypto” is at the center of everything we do. Your private key is the only thing that controls your blockchain wallet, and Giddy never records any user’s private key – ever.

If you delete your Giddy account, you will no longer be able to recover your private key through the Giddy platform. If you do not have a copy of the private key saved when you delete your Giddy account, your wallet and its contents – tokens, NFTs, staked positions, etc. – will become permanently inaccessible.

We strongly recommend that you do the following before deleting your Giddy account:

  • Export your private key. This can be done through the Giddy mobile app.

  • Review our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy regarding our data retention policies after account deletion.

  • If you used any third-parties in connection with the Giddy app (e.g. Coinbase Pay to purchase crypto), you must separately request with them to delete your account on their platform(s).

After you have completed the items above, please reply to the email you received that linked to this page and confirm that you have completed these steps and want to finalize the deletion of your Giddy account, which is irreversible.